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Prius Arcade


Prius Arcade

Interactive / Motion Graphics

March 2016

Austin, Texas

What was it?

The Fader Fort Prius Arcade was a collection of three new media installations created, installed, and displayed at The Fader Fort at SXSW 2016 for Toyota to advertise the 2016 Toyota Prius.

Video shot and edited by DotDotDash

Who was it for?

This is collaboration #1 with DotDotDash, a new media company in Portland, OR. Toyota wanted a handful of interactive installations to be put in to curated areas of The Fader Fort. Attendants with SXSW specific badges are invited to come in and out of the Fader Fort to interact with said installations all throughout the week.

What was the challenge?

Two of the three installations I had a hand in co-authoring alongside the wizards over at DotDotDash.

The Prius Arcade featured a projection mapped CnC model of the 2016 Toyota Prius. The challenge was to projection map this replica of the car with content that blended pre-rendered and generative elements to highlight the form and function of the Toyota Prius in motion.

The second installation was a wall projection mapped with audio reactive visual elements mirroring the shape of it’s neighboring Prius Arcade wall. The visual elements synchronized and bounced in real time to a live audio feed pumped into bluetooth headphones that attendants wore upon entering the dance floor.

What was the outcome?

I co-authored the TouchDesigner networks to run both installations with Dominic Barrett. Dominic focused on the audio engine while I generated content and together we’d develop modules, review, and assign changes. We had the pleasure of creating generative elements as well creating realtime particle fields, 3D depth tricks, and trippy distortions. I generated pre-rendered content that Dominic and I integrated into a playlist of mixed media types. 

The installation was up the entire week of SXSW and attendants had a blast.

What did I learn?

Mesh efficiency was an important skillset to learn both for 3D calibration and for media creation. I heavily relied on the use of proxies which informed and supported my decision to throw myself into a self-enforced 3D art bootcamp.