Tavia Morra
Digital Deliciousness

Conservatory of Flowers


“Summer of Love” & “Photosynthesis”

The Conservatory of Flowers


june 21st, 2017 / december 7th, 2017

san francisco, California

Video shot and edited by Obscura Digital

What was it?

Summer of Love and Photosynthesis represent two seasonal projects for summer and winter respectively. Each installation transformed a well-known San Francisco building, The Conservatory of Flowers, into a canvas for light and extraordinary imagery.

To quote
Obscura Digital’s website:

“The Photosynthesis project — a collaboration between Obscura, Illuminate (instigators of the Bay Lights), and San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers — transforms the Conservatory into an artistic canvas by night. This analog projection system bathes the building in stunning imagery of the flowers and butterflies housed inside, teasing out what hides beneath its whitewashed curtain, catching the eye of passers-by, sparking curiosity and drawing them in through captivating beauty.”