Tavia Morra
Digital Deliciousness

Tavia Morra

Artist / Engineer

Tavia Morra is an American multi-disciplinary artist and engineer. As an illustrator, animator, art director, narrative designer, photographer, performer, and developer she explores the depths of many mediums. Often spotted charting trends across disciplines, she develops creative and technical language to glue the conceptual to the actualization of experiential art, video, image, and choreography. Using color, composition, texture, lighting, movement, and humor she doles out mystique and sparkle on the world.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin's Video Production program, Tavia cut her teeth in editing, videography, photography, and screenwriting before moving professionally into motion graphics animation and 3D design. She's traveled the world to work with clients such as Marvel, Verizon, Dell, Adidas, Toyota, Urban Outfitters, Madison Square Garden, San Francisco Parks Department, MGM, and more. As a young woman she studied concert percussion, marching percussion, and steel drum percussion.

Tavia now resides in San Francisco, California where she's joined Madison Square Garden Ventures’s Obscura Digital software team. By day she engineers mutli-server media playback systems for monumental-scale interactive experiences, dances aerial acrobatics, and cares for her succulents. By night she seeks to fuse the conscious with the unconscious in deep dive explorations of her dreams.