of 8/1/09

The Story
My boyfriend, Michael, and I decided a few weeks back we needed a vacation. We decided we wanted to go here...
...but we realized we didn't have any money for a vacation (or any money we were willing to spend). Instead we made a night of rearranging the furniture just for a change of scenery.

As a result we made a huge gaping space between the living room and kitchen. Our previous arrangment created spaces that defied the usual the-sofa-lies-flush-with-the-wall layout, but our new arrangment is quite fitted to the room. This space between the kitchen and living room leaves me feeling the same way I felt after I knew we couldn't head to the beach...empty.
But let's not get dramatic, here. Look on the bright side. Why not kill two birds with one stone? We want to go on a vacation and fill this empty space in the apartment, but we need some help and thats where you come in. I've split the empty space into a grid. Each numbered square splits the giant picture of the beach into 84 parts. Each numbered square will be assigned to someone. 1 box per person. When the 84 squares are strung together, one giant picture will appear as a montage of all the smaller pictures.
The end product should resemble something like our perfect beach getaway. This picture will hang from the ceiling. Everytime Michael and I want to go to the beach, all we have to do is admire the work you created.
How this works...
1.) Email me at and request a number on the grid shown above. It's a first come first served deal. If you don't care for what square you want, I will assign one to you.
2.) One box per person, therefore there should be 84 participants (tell your friends and family!)
3.) Keep the dimensions of your picture as close to 8.5"x11" (the size of a normal printing sheet of paper) or a ratio close to it. Landscape orientation, not portrait.
4.) After being assigned your square I will e-mail you the section of the picture you were assigned.
5.) You recreate the piece of the picture you're assigned. Don't forget to sign it with your name and leave Michael and myself vacation wishes!
6.) When you're done, e-mail your final product to me for assembly. Write the number you were assigned in your email. I'll be keeping track of the numbers, this is just meant for me to cross-check my info.
7.) Check back to see what you've created. When it's done I'll post pictures.
8.) As a deadline, let's get this done before the end of the summer of '09

Although this is an exercise in pulling together one cohesive picture from several personal spaces, going into it willy-nilly will create a very chaotic picture (althoug would be interesting, it isn't the point of this particular exercise). That being said, try to keep the color and shape of your recreation as consistent with the picture you're assigned. You may use anything you'd like when recreating your assigned picture; if you can't find the shapes from your picture in your house or down your street, craft the shape yourself. The possibilities are endless. If you can't think of something ask a friend/family member to help. Use anything you'd like as long as it is made by you. Don't worry about where the door from the kitchen to the living room will go. I've planned for it. I can't wait to see the final product which will be comprised of images not perfectly the same shape (but very close) and not perfectly the same color (but very close) as the original square you were assigned. The original picture of the beach (I'd like to call it the "guideline picture") is transformed from it's original shape as a picture taken by one person at one moment, into a communitive picture created by several personal spaces at different times.